how to connect to pc

Added by Raymond Angelo Esguerra over 6 years ago

hi i recently got an cmucam3 from my friend he used it in an old project..
i was wondering how could i connect it to my pc since i have no rs232 in my pc only usb ports..

would this work:

oh yeah i also got a arduino usb2serial that i used for my cmucam4, can i use it?..
how and where will i connect it to my cmucam3?..

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RE: how to connect to pc - Added by Savas Piperidis over 6 years ago

You can use the Sparkfun Serial(TTL) to USB converter:, I have test it with my CMU3 and it works fine.

Maybe your arduino\usb2serial board is also a solution to your problem.

Do not forget to properly set the Level Shifted Serial Jumper (page 6 at the CMUcam3 Datasheet, for TTL-level serial communication. The previous board are not compatible with RS232-level serial communication.

RE: how to connect to pc - Added by Anonymous about 1 year ago